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List of Best Airbnbs for You

Finding a good Airbnb can be a bit of hassle at times. With the large number of Airbnbs now offering their properties on Airbnbs, it becomes a trouble to find the ones that are good in reality. From privacy issues to finding a host that won't bother you every hour, along with a good locality and clean place, everything has to be good. We've done the hardwork for you by exploring and finding out the best Airbnbs in Delhi.

Lake View Glass

Airbnb in Hauz Khas

Lake View Glass is a beautiful little room in a cottage-styled apartment with a beautiful terrace overlooking the lake in Hauz Khas, located in South Delhi. The wooden and neutral interiors give it a vintage vibe that looks very cool. Time for you to take that Friday off and head to Lake View Glass to relax amidst the cozy vibes. You can chill at the terrace watching that breathtaking sunset view! It sounds like a well-deserved perfect getaway from that tedious and hectic schedule you are going through.

    Delhi is one of the most vibrant, chaotic, and beautiful places to travel to in India. Delhi, the massive capital megacity of India, is full of life. This colorful epicenter is known for its bustling thoroughfares, historic edifices, and rich artistic heritage. Also, this is the place to go if you're looking for an authentic taste of India.

    Delhi represents exactly what India is all about, rich in exciting adventures. Monuments like Qutub Minar, India Gate, and Safdarjung Tomb show off the rich history, while you’ll find an abundance of artistic energy on the boulevards of Old Delhi. There are many stupendous modern and old buildings available as rentals in Delhi.

    These offer unique, comfortable, and delightful places to stay while enriching your overall trip. Choosing an Airbnb in Delhi is a brilliant way of experiencing the pulse of this metropolis. It allows you to get a more localized experience of this exciting destination being in the city's heart.

    Our hectic and repetitive schedules can be a bit much to take in, and there is a time when we all need a quick getaway to relax before we get back to that hardworking schedule, but all that work makes it extremely tough for us to travel. You have nothing to worry about, as we have pulled up a list of super aesthetic Airbnbs that would make for the best stays right here in the city. These places will offer an unforgettable trip and have you reminiscing for times to come!

    1.) Lake View Glass

    Lake View Glass is a beautiful little room in a cottage-styled apartment with a beautiful terrace overlooking the lake in Hauz Khas, located in South Delhi. The wooden and neutral interiors give it a vintage vibe that looks very cool. Time for you to take that Friday off and head to Lake View Glass to relax amidst the cozy vibes. You can chill at the terrace watching that breathtaking sunset view! It sounds like a well-deserved perfect getaway from that tedious and hectic schedule you are going through.

    Approximate Price (per day) - Rs 4,000 Onwards

    2.) The Barn

    The Barn is ideal for the staycation you were planning to take with your loved one. This hidden gem is spread over 2 acres of a horse farm, giving the view of the stunning stables with a massive lawn meant for bonfires & barbecues almost feels like medieval cowboy times, which sounds pretty exciting. It makes for the perfect romantic staycation with your partner and is a unique experience involving walks with the horse, horse riding, visiting the stables, and more. This Airbnb is ideal for a staycation for all you gals, where you can click stunning shots with the gorgeous horses to make people jealous of your Instagram stories.

    Approximate Price (per day) - Rs 6,786 Onwards

    3.) Studio Wooden Villas

    Studio Wooden Villas is a recently newly-made wooden cottage with a lush green lawn, organic fields, and mango orchards which is very hard to find in such a rushy city. They have a personal studio, a pool, and a sky deck, which sounds amazing. You can lay and binge-watch your favourite series or a movie you like on their 40 inches flat-screen TV. Excellent reviews were given by the clients who enjoyed staying at this beautiful place. So, grab your gang and plan a getaway to this cutesy cottage in the city!

    Approximate Price (per day) - Rs 3,570 Onwards

    4.) Bobo Stays

    Bobo Stays is here to help you live that dream right here in the very heart city without traveling. This luxurious cosy stay offers a warm living space for its guests, including a large terrace filled with greenery and a jacuzzi at no additional charges. Soaking up the sunlight whilst enjoying a dip in the jacuzzi sounds right and dreamy. So hurry up and book your stay at this luxurious bungalow to unwind in the garden's greenery all around.

    Approximate Price (per day) - Rs 8,979 Onwards

    5.) The Lush Patio

    The Lush Patio is an elegant and stylish-looking bohemian abode, making it a cozy & warm spot for a quick getaway with besties to catch up on some weekend vibing. There is an arrangement of outdoor seating, which is perfect for when you want to have your morning cup of coffee and get some fresh air and Vitamin D. The most exciting part about this Bnb is that they do theme parties with decor, including dinner dates, proposals, birthdays and lots more making your stay a lot more vibrant and exciting. It is excellent for a group of friends on a retreat or a couple looking ahead for a great weekend away from the city crowds.

    Approximate Price (per day) - Rs 3,757 Onwards

    6.) Ramsa Bagh

    Situated in Dera Village, The Ramsa Bagh is an artistic luxurious independent farm villa spread across 3 acres of lush green lawns. It has lavish living areas and a massive outdoor pool for you to take a dip in the warm summers. It is a perfect place for that enjoyable getaway for it offers a comforting stay and several other fun activities like badminton apparatus, barbecue & bonfire. If you're looking forward to a luxurious farm villa getaway like the royals, this is your weekend destination without any doubt.

    Approximate Price (per day) - Rs 33,608 Onwards

    7.) The Tree House

    Every thought about living in a beautiful treehouse in the middle of the forest well, you can experience a luxurious stay away from the hustle-bustle of the city while being swathed in lush greenery thanks to The Tree House, an absolutely aesthetic and luxe Airbnb, located amidst the lush greens is here to make your weekend better. The place even has an open deck area outside the bedroom and a massive lawn which you can have entirely for yourself. It definitely looks like the ideal place to surprise your loved one on a special occasion away from the noise in this calm, composed, and cozy retreat. So, book your stay for two and rejoice in the lapse of nature right here in the capital.

    Approximate Price (per day) - Rs 28,750 Onwards

    8.) Golden Arch - The Retreat Villa

    The Golden Arch - Retreat Villa is a contemporary villa nestled in Chhatarpur, away from the noisy environment of the city yet close to the airport and major malls. It is a well-equipped 5 BHK luxurious stay, perfect for that getaway you’ve been planning with your people. The surroundings are quiet and peaceful, with gardens and greenery all around. This is where you can plan a barbeque night or a bonfire night as per your preference. So people planning that long-due staycation must have The Golden Arch in their itinerary for a fun time with their besties.

    Approximate Price (per day) - Rs 40,000 Onwards

    9.) Harphool Nivas

    Located in the peaceful surroundings adjacent to the Hauz Khas complex, Harphool niwas is a heritage apartment with a 2 bedroom stay. Fully furnished with absolutely great and comfortable furniture giving you a royal and historic feel. Also, it has a fully functional kitchen, a living room, and a balcony with an awe-inspiring view of the Hauz Khas Fort and the lake near it. Named after Harphool Singh, if you are looking forward to a staycation away from those boring days, Harphool niwas is all you want, and it makes it a great budget-friendly option to explore.

    Approximate Price (per day) - Rs 5,500 Onwards

    10.) Santorini

    Santorini is a Greece-inspired Bnb right there in the middle of our capital city. It is an aesthetic stay house and would make it to your ‘gram. It is a 1 BHK apartment with a fully furnished and functional kitchen, living area, and a balcony overlooking the Fort of Hauz Khas. The white and blue interiors remind you of the magnificent Santorini's white caves and blue waters. So, book a stay with your loved one and get ready for a joyride to Santorini while still in the capital.

    Approximate Price (per day) - Rs 5,500 Onwards

    11.) Central Terrace

    Central Terrace is a super artsy and modern 3 BHK apartment located in one of the upscale neighbourhoods of South Delhi. As the name suggests, it has a super pretty terrace to chill at and soak in that winter sun, having your favourite snacks and vibing with the place's view. The best part is that they provide you a TV with Netflix and Amazon Prime subscription for when you feel like a movie night with the gals, which is quite amazing. Just a 3 minute walk to Green Park market, HKV, and Deer Park, you're in the epicenter of the metropolis through the calm feels like you're away from the city crowds into the suburbs. Take that much-needed break from work and chill at this cutesy place with your gang to have a heck of a time.

    Approximate Price (per day) - Rs 7,277 Onwards

    12.) Mint

    Mint is a 3 BHK flat with chic and modern decor in the South Delhi region. It is made in a quirky boutique style and has a spacious living area, dining, and a kitchen. The Bnb is on the first floor, but you’ll have access to the shared terrace, which is a sole drawback if you are more of a privacy liking. It is well connected to the markets, making it easier for you to grab groceries or other essentials, and you don't have to travel considerable distances to fulfill your basic necessities. Tourist attractions like Hauz Khas Village and famous cafes are also nearby. So folks, get ready to experience a high-end stay in Delhi at this Airbnb!

    Approximate Price (per day) - Rs 2,999 Onwards

    13.) 8 Mandi Hills

    Situated in South West Delhi, 8 Mandi Hills is where you experience an extremely peaceful and private getaway without leaving the city. This place has been taken care of for over 30 years. Every corner of the property guarantees a unique experience. The concept of the rooms is super interesting as they’re named after flowers, including Champa & Chameli. It has 3 cottage-style rooms, 1 family room, massive lawns, a swimming pool, kitchen, and bonfire pits which is quite interesting. Plan a weekend getaway to this hidden gem with the family and enjoy the luxurious living without driving much from the city.

    Approximate Price (per day) - Rs 19,143 Onwards

    14.)A Modern Scandinavian-style Apartment

    A Modern Scandinavian-style Apartment is a newly renovated, modern 3 BHK apartment located in the heart of South Delhi. An elegant mix of modern Scandinavian decor boasts the interiors of the property. It’s well connected to the markets, metro station, and many eclectic cafes. It’s the ideal property to rent out with your pals and enjoy the weekend off from the boring and hectic lifestyle. So, head over to this Airbnb and get your weekend plans straight.

    Approximate Price (per day) - Rs 6,821 Onwards

    15.) Hygge Studio

    A beautifully designed studio, Hygge is located in Hauz Khas Village, making its visitors experience the old-world charm while accessing a modern apartment's luxuries. It has a separate living space, a kitchen, and a private balcony with a mesmerising forest view, giving you space from the bustling city lights and crowd. If you’re tired of working from home in the same environment, this is your go-to place for a well-deserved break. Give yourself a time out from home and rent this property to work from a different background and experience a luxurious stay in a modernised apartment.

    Approximate Price (per day) - Rs 7,321 Onwards

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