Best Wedding Planners in Delhi

Wedding is no doubt one of the most special moments of one's life. Truly one of those days when one can feel the magic and love in air. To add the 5th star to this auspicious day, We've prepared a list of best wedding planners in delhi.

List of Best Wedding Planners for You

We at ApniDelhi know how hard it is to find a good wedding planner. With the large number of options available in the market, it gets even harder. The market is crowded with wedding planners in Delhi/NCR. To save you time, we invested our time and effort into finding some, so that you only settle for the best wedding planner in delhi.

best wedding planners delhi

Glance Events

Premium Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR

Glance Events is a premium wedding planning company located in Hauz Khas, South Delhi. Your search for an inventive wedding planning company which plans luxurious, grand weddings end here. Glance Events has got you covered with a bundle of planning services which will level up the ambience.

Price Range : 250,000 to 200,000,000

Hire Best Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR

For a lot of things, planning is the key ; that applies to wedding as well. Planning ensures that you have a chaos-free wedding ceremony. The hunt really begins as soon as you decide to get married. No doubt it's the most special day of your life, you can't take any chance for things to go wrong. Hence, hiring the best wedding planner becomes really important.

As the time passes, we see our lives becoming more and more hectic, hence, investing time in wedding planning gets difficult. Due to this, a lot of couples and families turn to wedding planners.

Depending on your budget, and what kind of wedding you want to have, these wedding planners can create the best wedding experience for you. You can choose to opt for either full wedding planners, partial wedding planners, or consultants, depeding on your needs.

Types of Wedding Planners

People had different needs in terms of wedding preparations, which have rise to multiple types of wedding planners. Here are the main 3 types of wedding planners you can expect to find around :

Full Wedding Planners : These people start working on your wedding from scratch and get it done to the end. They help you with everything, from budget, venue selection, vendors hunting and all other things. They also take it on themselves to execute all the plan by themselves. You'll not have to worry about a single thing.

Partial Wedding Planners : A lot of times, people don't need complete assistance for their entire wedding, but only to some limited parts of it. In this case, the wedding planner is asked for a certain type of help, maybe decorations, or food. They arrange that specific thing and charge for it. They also don't interfere with other arrangements or functions of your wedding.

Consultants : A lot of couples want to get professional help when they are planning a wedding. This usually comes from a wedding consultant. The consultants help people with budgeting, preferences and other requirements that the individual might have, and work on finding a way to fulfill them.

How to Hire Best Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR?

Things to keep in mind before hiring a Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR

You should keep some points in your head while you're hiring a wedding planner. We've compiled a small list of these points that you should bring up while finding the perfect wedding planner.

  • Know your needs right. Decide what your wedding should look like well in advance & do your research accordingly.
  • Learn the different types of wedding planning available in India and opt for the best one according to your needs.
  • A wide range of pricing is available when it comes to wedding planning, decide on a budget beforehand & look for the best wedding planner in Delhi NCR according to the budget.
  • Avoid delaying things. Book the services at least 3-4 months before your wedding date
  • You can consult a wedding consultant to get a clear picture of the budget & other pre-wedding preparations.
  • Check the background and experience of the planner before hiring them.
  • Try going for the ones who have an experience of organizing a wedding in the same or nearby location as yours.
  • Feel free to reach us in case of any confusion or queries.

What to discuss with your Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR?

After you've carefully decided which wedding planner you're going to hire, the next step is to get in touch and talk about everything so that there is no confusion in future. To ensure that you leave no stones unturned or space for confusion, you must discuss the following points with your planner.

  • Let them know all your preferences and requirements and describe the exact wedding that you want
  • Give them an insight into the functions/events that you are planning to have in your wedding
  • Tell them your exact budget so that it's easy for them to arrange everything for you as you desire.
  • Inform them about the number of guests that will attend the wedding
  • Tell them your wedding and other function dates
  • They should know the traditions that you follow to make the wedding apt for you
  • Always ask for references to be sure what their work will look like
  • Ask them the services that they are going to provide as a part of the package
  • In case of any confusion, communicate with them

Why Book the Top wedding Planners in Delhi NCR via ApniDelhi ?

We've been in aggregation domain for years now and have worked with tons and tons of companies. With years of prior experience, along with a dedicated research team, we make sure that the final list of wedding planners in delhi is absolute best and meets our client's expectations.

Apnidelhi lets you know about their services, past work, and event pictures. Apnidelhi lists all kinds of wedding planners, ranging from full wedding planners, partial wedding planners and consultants. We always welcome new entries of startups and wedding planners to keep our list free.

How ApniDelhi helps in hiring?

We're always looking for the best wedding planners in Delhi NCR. After learning about what services that wedding planners provide, how they work, see their real reviews, verify their past work, we list the best ones on our platform.

Mistakes to avoid while hiring Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR

Wedding is one time thing, and hiring the wrong wedding planner can be one of the most irritating losses in your life. A lot of times people make mistakes that end up costing a lot of shame and irritation. Go through this list to ensure you don't make one.

  • Avoid asking family members and friends to plan your wedding, they not only lack professional knowledge but might also miss the fun they must be having on your wedding
  • Avoid hiring a planner without a careful look at their experience.
  • Don’t hire a wedding planner who hasn’t worked in or doesn’t know enough about the location of your wedding.
  • Do not avoid personal meetings. When you meet the planner personally, you can explain what exactly are you looking for which you might not be able to do on phone calls and texts.
  • Book the wedding planner in advance. Wedding planners are busy throughout the year, delay in hiring a wedding planner lessens the number of options that you have
  • Do not be casual about signing the contract. At times people do not read the contract carefully before signing and end up not getting all that they wanted and even paid for

How does this work?

Apnidelhi is a agrregator platform between Delhi's wedding planners and their prospective customers. Wedding planners in delhi submit requests to be featured on our platform. After careful verifications, we only feature the best wedding planners on our platform. You're always welcome to go through our list and ask quotations from them and at the end, hire a  wedding planner.

Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR Prices

Wedding planning is a very wide industry and there is almost never a fixed price for service. Someone at the top in the industry might cost you a lot, while at same time, a startup or new comer wedding planner will do the same thing for less cost. We curate and provide a list of wedding planners for budget, as well as lavish weddings. We also work with you to negotiate prices. The final price you pay depends on your requirements.

Full wedding planners are obviously going to be charging much more than partial wedding planners ; who only charge for what services they're providing you. In case of consultants, you only pay for their services like budgeting & selection. If you hire wedding planners via our platform, you always stand a chance to get special discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Planners

Here are some of the most asked questions about Wedding Planners in Delhi. If you have any other questions, please contact us via live chat or email our support at [email protected]

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