List of Best Motivational Speakers in India

We all are going through a time in our lives where we feel stuck, there are junctures when we do not realize if we are performing accurately or not, what we should be doing.

At times, all of us require some sort of a volatile push, and we are too anxious to talk to our family or colleagues. Though, with this digital age, you do not permanently have to combat anybody and tell someone how you are exactly feeling.

Here is where the motivational speaker in India moves toward the rescue. Because motivational speakers know better how to face situations. And they also know the problems faced by Indians, in fact, they have a solution for all such problems.

If we discuss YouTube, you’ll find several YouTubers or motivational speakers, but only some of them are actually motivating us. So we bring you a list of top 10 motivational speakers, some of these even have millions of followers or supporters on Youtube. Without more ado let us take a view at the list.

Top 10 Motivational Speakers In India

Dr Deepak Chopra

Doctor Deepak Chopra was an experienced doctor and he is from Delhi and laid the first stone of success as a Doctor in the US. He hastily found his curiosity in spirituality and even exercised Transcendental Meditation with Mahesh Yogi.

He also has a writer’s figure of bestselling books on Healthcare and overall well-being. He has impacted numerous people through his suggestions, books and seminars.

Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey have frankly communicated about Dr Deepak Chopra. He also organises retreats and scrambles a holistic centre where people are greeted to heal and destress themselves.

Yogesh Chabria

He is one of the top 10 motivational speakers in India 2020 in the roster because almost all his speeches come from his own acquaintance as a business tycoon. His childhood was tough on him and in his childhood days, he used to sell toys at the age of 5 years. He is the founder of The Happionaire Way.

When he went to Iran and was studying in school, he used to sell comics and clothes. At the age of 16, he retreated to India. And here, in India, he used to be a salesman’s job ( a door to door selling ) & it was also not easy for him because some people left dogs after him, regardless he then began carrying dog biscuits with him, so that no dogs could harm him.

When he was 14 years old, he found Transcendental Meditation and is also a partner of the Chicken Soup for Soul. In fact, He also achieved the honour of the best author for standing a number 1 Bestselling author, Moreover, he has spoken for the Top CEOs, Royalties, and Celebrities along with the millions of normal people.

He is also the regular author for CNBC, Times of India and also on the entrepreneurial Magazines amongst others.

Dr Vivek Bindra

Dr Vivek Bindra comes in this list after Yogesh Chabria, Dr Vivek Bindra is one of the best motivational speakers in India, apart from being a motivational orator, He is also a business mentor. Dr Vivek Batra has approximately 11 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, moreover, he is the CEO of Bada Business. He is also a well-known writer who has written nearly 10 books, mostly Motivational. Dr Vivek Batra is the one speaker who daily uploads his videos on his YouTube channel and case as well.

Sandeep Maheshwari

He is one of the best motivational speakers I have ever seen. In fact, He is my favourite motivational speaker, actually, if I’m not wrong he’s the favourite one of all the youths of India. With over 13 million subscribers on YouTube, Sandeep Maheshwari is one of the best speakers In India.

He has a remarkably inspiring story. Sandeep Maheshwari born in a middle-class family and some of his business turned out to be a failure(at the age of 26 ) but he never gave up. After that, he realised that the models in India are exploited and for helping them he founded ImagesBazaar which has now the world’s biggest collection of Indian Images.

Sandeep Maheshwari’s life struggles encouraged him to motivate others, and then he became a motivational speaker. Sandeep Maheshwari speculates that nothing is impossible or difficult, the difficulty slowly and deliberately, goes away as you try to understand any kind of problem.

T S Madaan

Tarvinder Singh Madaan comes in this list after Sandeep Maheshwari, he is also one of the best motivational speakers in India. And has four decades worth of background.

He is not just a motivational speaker, also a comedian and an amazing actor as well. Mr TS Madaan is not oy a motivational speaker but also a sales trainer which perennial entices at several conferences and seminars to speak. His sessions are educative, and most of his sessions are also filled with comedy, funny and enlightening content. He has customers in Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Life Insurance and multiple other industries.

Priya Kumar

She is the only female in this list of Top 10 Motivational speakers. And also one of the youngest. Priya Kumar was born in Chandigarh and now stabilized out of Mumbai. And she is the who to whom an international publication enlisted Priya as “When she speaks “people to overhear.

She was also acquainted with seminars and workshops by her neighbour Dr Niranjan Patel. Like all other motivational speakers, she also uploads her videos on YouTube but occasionally. Her clients are some of the best tremendous names of India which accommodates Colors TV, Airtel and many more. She is also the best selling author as she has written many books.

Shiv Khera

Shiv Khera comes in this list of Top 10 best motivation speakers at a number 7 after Priya Kumar. Shiv Kher is also one of the best and experienced motivational speakers In India. Along with a motivational speaker, he is also an activist, author, and even an adept politician.

Before he came to be a motivational speaker, he sweated as a car washer and even worked as an insurance agent. He has also written multiple famous books and was being honoured by the bestseller for one of his books You Can Win. He is the only personality in this list of top motivational speakers who speaks at seminars and conferences abroad as well.

Simerjeet Singh

He comes in this list after Shiv Khera, at number 8. Simerjeet Singh is an enthusiastic and dynamic and youngest motivational speaker in India. After completion of his degree in Hotel Management(HM), he was acknowledged in the Marriott International program in patronage.

He worked in Dubai, India and other countries as well. Though he shortly altered his path and after journeying to different nations, decided on pleasing others by motivating them as being a motivational speaker. He has given upwards of 1000 orations and inspired approximately employees of 100 firms.

As a motivational speaker, he also operated with companies like Vi, Novartis and TATA as well. Simerjeet Singh has done seminars in Dubai and other portions of the UAE separated from India.

Dr.Ujjwal Patni

He is also one of the best motivational speakers in India. He comes in this list after Simerjeet Singh at number 9. He motivates lakhs of people every year through his seminars and workshops.Dr. Ujjwal Patni is not only regarded as one of the nicest motivational speakers but overseas as well.

Moreover, he shared the stage with many well-known celebrities, politicians and entrepreneurs and even industrialists. He further received a listing on prestigious Top ten Indian Thinkers. Dr Ujjwal Patni is a pioneer when it moves toward business coaching and personal training in India.

Rahul Kapoor

He comes in this list at number 10. Rahul Kapoor is one of the best and leading motivational speakers in India. All the articles are written by him which are a combination of Spirituality, Psych, as Science is being used by over 10000 organizations. The chronicle of his clients is quite long because it contains companies like 3M, ACC, Adobe, AMD, Coca Cola and Google as well.

He has motivated millions of people in nations like India, USA, Australia and many more. In fact, his programs benefited corporations to accomplish operational excellence, which results in an increase in revenue, better delivery and customer consent.

So we can see that he is at number 10 but his work is tremendous and appreciable. Besides he also delivered an oration where 7000 people were in the audience.

Conclusion : These are some of the best Top 10 Best motivational speakers in India, who are motivating millions and billions of people every day. But the list has not ended here. These are only Top 10 but there are 2 more Personalities, with whom I felt should introduce you.

We all know both of them very well. They are none other than Mr Chetan Bhagat and Sneh Desai. Let me introduce them.

Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat is an Indian author or writer or columnist and moreover a motivational speaker. He was born on 22 April 1974. And His office was are the Indian Army office.

He accomplished his education from one of India’s best institutions of Management IIM and evolved as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs. He later switched from this job, after writing numerous most selling books about youths and life.

His books have also been produced into movies and he daily writes his column and he is also a TV identity and even judged a TV show Nach Baliye .

His motivational sessions are usually targeted at the youth and meant to motivate and inspire them. In fact, he is regularly invited to enunciate at Top engineering and management colleges as well. And also companies enticed him for motivating its employees or human resource.

Sneh Desai

He is the director of the Sneh World Group of Companies. Sneh Desai directs his brand event ” Change Your life Workshop” across the country, which includes 23 In India and others outside it. Also directed programs outside India in countries like the UK, USA, Canada and UAE.

When he was only 9 years old, he began communicating training programs from the stage. Moreover, he has trained over 900 coaches across India. His emotion of contribution has been benefiting various people via his 100 days of FREE activity projects in a year.

He has more than expected followers of his YouTube channel, His outstanding energy and heart fondling presentation styles hold his audience overpowered and spellbound. He legitimately believes “Talk is Cheap” and his impressive ability is getting people to put up with actions, in reality, to produce genuine results.

Last but not least I want to say that in today’s era everyone is suffering from depression because everyone is only busy in earning or making money, and even we have forgotten how to live a peaceful life And that’s why we are unable to understand the depth of life. And how to manage all the situations, that’s we need a person who helps us in showing the right path at the right time.

And all these motivational speakers are the only one who knows how to tackle all the problems and also knows how to achieve success in life.

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