List of Top 10 Best Refrigerators in India to Consider in 2020

A refrigerator is an essential item that is found in every household in India. It is an extremely useful appliance, which despite its steep price has a good longevity. The benefits of refrigerators are innumerable and therefore it is very important to select and purchase a good appliance for best results.

Two key factors which are to be kept in mind while purchasing a refrigerator are the type and capacity and the power consumption. There are multiple variants and types of refrigerators available in the markets and it is very crucial to decide on a particular one based on the requirements and needs of the family.

Best Refrigerators in India

India has multiple reputed brands which sell refrigerators; here is a list of the top 10 in the current market scenario.

LG 260Litre Double Door Refrigerator

LG refrigerators are coupled with the reputation of the brand and its promise which makes it stand out in the market. LG enjoys a strategic position in the refrigerators’ market. The 260Litre double door refrigerator stands out among the rest because of its unique features like the new Smart Inverter Compressor.

This compressor is one of the most advanced refrigerator technologies available in the markets where the refrigerator adjusts the cooling temperature on its own, depending upon the amount of food inside resulting in efficient energy consumption saving almost up to 48% of energy. This refrigerator has a 3 star rating, having an annual energy consumption of 194Kw.

This refrigerator is also equipped with an Ice Beam Cooling Door which ensures uniform cooling inside the machine. The optimized stabilizer considerably reduces the chances of damage during a voltage fluctuation of electricity loss.  The spacious interiors are designed to accommodate 2-litre bottles without any hassle and the complete refrigerator has a stainless steel build.

The refrigerator also has standard features such as 3 shelves and a vegetable box in the fridge. The fridge also has sections for 2-Litre bottles, a separate rack to store bottles, jams, containers and an egg tray. The freezer is equipped with an ice tray box, a separate compartment for storing fish and meat, along with another 2 side racks to store ice creams, yogurts and other desserts.

Samsung 253Litre Double Door Fridge

Samsung is another brand which is known for its quality and service.  Samsung refrigerators are also one of the best that are available in the market. The LG 260litre double door refrigerator and this Samsung variant have a lot in common. However, this refrigerator has a smaller capacity. Nevertheless, it has an elegant design with a recess door handle and it is also energy efficient and cost effective. The refrigerator has a total storage capacity of 253litres with a frost free freezer.

The annual power consumption is very low, consuming only 195 units per year, which results in a 4 star rating for this appliance in energy consumption.

This refrigerator is equipped with smart innovations such as a Digital Inverter Technology, which reduces energy wastage by adjusting the temperature according to the amount of storage. A digital display and control adds to the unique look of the refrigerator, and enables easy temperature control in the fridge.

The Power Cool Technology and the All Round Cooling results in faster cooling inside the refrigerator, not sparing even a small corner due to the multiple air vents. The Smart Connect Inverter protects the fridge during power cuts and voltage fluctuations. Security features such as a door lock are also installed in the appliance.

The standard storage features include 4 easy slide shelves, a vegetable box, 1 big bottle guard, 1 regular rack for small containers or jams, jellies, etc and 2 small racks for storing yogurt, cheese, butter, etc. The freezer has 1 shelf and 2 racks.

Haier 195Litre Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

This refrigerator is the best option for small families or people who live alone. This cost effective refrigerator is efficient in energy consumption and has a large storage capacity. This refrigerator has a 4 star rating in energy consumption and consumes only 130 units annually.

This refrigerator has quick cooling technology and is able to maintain the freezer temperature for 10 hours. It is equipped with unique features such as 1 hour icing technology, which optimizes freezer cooling by reducing the temperature of the freezer to -5 degrees Celsius in just 60 minutes.

The cooler pad, which is also located in the freezer helps maintain cooling in the freezer for 10 hours in case of a power failure. The Vitamin C fresh block keeps fruits and vegetables kept in the vegetable rack fresh and crunchy up to a week.  The anti-fungal gasket prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus on the refrigerator.

This appliance also has safety features such as a child lock installed in it. This refrigerator also is equipped with the basic features such as door shelves inside for smaller bottles and containers, along with 4 main shelves made with toughened glass.  The shelf on the side can accommodate a 2Litre bottle too.

Whirlpool 340Litre Frost Free Refrigerator (Convertible)

This refrigerator is perfect for larger families who need a lot of storage capacity. One of the most unique features of this refrigerator is that it is a convertible.

There are 5 convertible modes where the freezer can be changed into the fridge, or vice versa or put the fridge or freezer on idle mode and other such combinations.

There is a quick chill mode on the display panel, which when activated produces ice super quickly, and other temperature adjustment options thereby increasing the efficiency of the refrigerator. It also has a door alarm which beeps when the door is left open for more than 2 minutes. Other unique properties of this refrigerator include the 6th Sense Intellifresh Technology where the temperature inside the refrigerator adjusts itself according to the temperature outside.

The fresh flow vents with deodorizer help remove unwanted odor and keep the food fresh and remove 99.9% germs in the fridge.  The Freshonizer reduces oxidation keeping fruits and vegetables fresh and crunchy for longer periods.

The fridge has a pull out tray on the top, with three shelves below that, providing a lot of space for storage. The vegetable box is also large and behind the door, there are two low rack shelves at the top and two bottle racks at the bottom, which can also accommodate 2litre bottles. The freezer has an ice maker and a separate compartment for ice creams, with the total capacity of 96litres.

BPL Side by Side Refrigerator

BPL refrigerators are a budget friendly option for large and unique refrigerators.

This model has a large storage capacity of 564Litres, suitable for a family of 6 or more members and even for commercial purposes. This refrigerator also has two doors placed side by side, a water dispenser and an LED Touch Button to control and change temperature settings.

The quick cool and quick freeze options, which allow quick freezing of ice and quick cooling keeping food fresh for longer periods. With the multi-airflow system, there are cooling vents on each shelf which circulates air all throughout the machine. The compressor motor also operates silently and that adds to the overall performance of the machine.

The fridge has 5 shelves, 2 vegetable boxes, 1 big holder, a wine rack and 2 egg trays which can hold up to twelve eggs. It also has 2 multi utility storage boxes and 3 additional side racks and all the shelves are made with toughened glass.

LG 687Litres Side by Side Refrigerator

This refrigerator may have a higher price point, but the features it is equipped with, make it completely worth the buy.

Along with its smart two door design, this is an inverter refrigerator loaded with smart features. The Inverter Linear Compressor which this machine uses saves up to 50% of energy wastage and reduces sound by 25%. The Hygiene Fresh Plus is an anti-bacterial deodorization which protects food and makes it last longer.

The Multi Digital Sensors are capable of sensing how hot the food is and that speeds up the motor for it to reach optimum temperatures. The Smart ThinQ feature allows the user to control the refrigerator from anywhere with the use of WIFI services.

Both the fridge and the freezer have 3 shelves. The fridge is also equipped with two vegetable boxes, 3 bottle racks and 1 large box for storing milk, cheese, jams, etc. The freezer has 2 chiller boxes, 2 bigger racks for larger items and 2 smaller racks.

Whirlpool 197Litre Single Door Refrigerator

This refrigerator is suitable for small families with a storage capacity of 197Litres.

This refrigerator has 9 hours of cooling retention and lab tests have proved that this machine can keep food fresh for 9 hours during a power cut. It is also equipped with an easy and fast defrost mechanism.

A unique pocket handle situated at the top, not only provides this device with a unique look, but is also very convenient to use too. The HoneyComb Vegetable Crisper has a moisture lock-in feature, which keeps the vegetables and fruits fresh by maintaining optimum temperature in the vegetable box.

The Anti-bacterial Gasket which is also easily removable for cleaning purposes, helps maintain hygiene inside the device by removing odor and chances of fungal growth.

The fridge has 2 wire shelves, a vegetable and chiller box, 1 jumbo bottle rack, 1 regular rack and 2 egg trays. The convenient fact about this refrigerator is that the shelves can be removed to create more space in the fridge.

Samsung 192Litre Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung as a company never compromises with quality and this refrigerator is no different. This is a single door refrigerator with a direct cool freezer. The annual power consumption is around 300 units per year, which is a little high, but the refrigerator is a very good device otherwise.

It is equipped with a Safe Clean Back which covers the internal sensitive parts of the refrigerators from knocks or any other things that might damage it. It can also very easily be cleaned just by wiping it with a damp cloth. The refrigerator has a bright blue lamp which makes it very easy to see inside the machine. The shelves are made with toughened glass and so can hold heavy utensils without difficulty. A safety lock is also included in this refrigerator.

The fridge has 2 glass shelves, 1 vegetable box, 1 chiller box, 1 bottle guard including 2 racks and 2 egg trays. This small fridge therefore has large storage capabilities.

 Godrej 190Litre Single Door Refrigerator

This refrigerator from the Indian brand may not be equipped with as many smart features, but it is extremely cost effective and spacious. The refrigerator capacity is 190Litres, which is suitable for small families. This kitchen appliance has a big freezer compartment of 27.2Litres, where a sufficient amount of meat, fish, ice and items which require cold storage can also be stored.

This is equipped with thick insulation that seals the cooling thereby increasing the cooling speeds inside the appliance. The stabilizer can handle fluctuations up to 160 volts.

The fridge is equipped with 2 shelves, a chiller box,  a vegetable box, 2 large bottle trays, 1 big egg tray and 4 small boxes for storing butter, cheese, yogurt, and other items.  The wire shelves are very sturdy and can hold weights up to 120kgs.

Whirlpool 190Litre Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

This is a budget friendly refrigerator which comes with a 3 star energy consumption rating, consuming 168 units annually.  The freezer space is 14Litres which is sufficient for storing meat, fish and other items.

The fridge has a separate dedicated chiller space for storing dairy products at the optimal temperatures. Two 2-Litre bottles can be stored in the door shelves and the refrigerator is geared with a lock for safety purposes.

The vegetable box has a moisture control slider which can either be used to retain moisture inside the vegetable box or get rid of the excess moisture from it.  This unique feature is not usually found in refrigerators in this segment. This refrigerator is able to keep the insides cool for 9 hours after loss of power or electricity.

These are some of the best in the industry from my research. Nevertheless, always have an idea of your house’s power consumption before buying any electric appliance.

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