Dreamz Wedding Planner Review : Employers from Hell Award Winner

Dreamz Wedding Planner is a destination wedding planner with offices in agra & delhi. With over 5 years of experience, the company’s only positive reviews are from their own employees & family members on platforms like wedmegood, google and so on. Fake reviews are just a mere start in this company’s list of actions that won them the Employer from Hell Award in 2020.


Founded & Managed by Aarti Gupta, a pretentious, pompous, narcissistic & incompetent leader who likes to poke her nose into matters that she has no experience in. The woman is, and likes to be surrounded by Yes men, who’d agree to all her whining and idiotic ideas. With no idea what digital marketing or SEO is, and in absense of a digital marketing manager, the company’s campaigns are managed by the Owner itself, who has a whopping zero years of experience in digital marketing.

DWP is also very keen at judging the performance of people, in area they have no experience in, by themselves, and hold their salaries if they think the person hasn’t performed.

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